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Electronic and ink card fingerprinting

Security Hut Inc. offers both BCI&I (state of Ohio) and FBI (federal) electronic fingerprinting, through Webcheck®, National Webcheck® and ink card fingerprints.

BCI runs the state’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), which contains the prints of millions along with their criminal histories, and the federal electronic Sex Offender Registration and Notification (eSORN) database, as well as other resources. WebCheck® is a major part of Ohio's AFIS (see above). Webcheck® allows agencies( like Security Hut Inc.) to electronically submit civilian background checks to BCI and receive for our clients the same criminal history results that are collected by law enforcement agencies. WebCheck® uses the Internet to transfer fingerprints and other data from Security Hut Inc. to BCI in order to aid in decision making processes including hiring for potential employees. National Webcheck® is a partnership between BCI and the FBI to conduct FBI background checks through BCI, in the same manner in which Webcheck® is done.


BCI, Webcheck® and BCI's division of National Webcheck® are controlled and regulated through the Ohio Attorney General based upon the requirements set forth in Ohio Revised Code Section (ORC) 109.572.


Prices (tax will be added to total)

BCI Electronic Fingerprinting  $45.00 - This is fingerprinting through the state of Ohio database

FBI Electronic Fingerprinting $75.00 - This is fingerprinting through the Federal database and can only be elctronically processed though National Webcheck® on individuals seeking employment, licensing, or volunteering in the state of Ohio with a purpose that is mandated by law. FBI fingerprinting for other states and any purpose not directed by the state of Ohio must be done on ink cards.

BCI & FBI Electronic Fingerprinting $100.00 - This is fingerprinting through both the Federal and Ohio databases

Ink Card (Any kind) $20.00 - This is a card provided by either a state or the FBI (price does not include processing of the card, only the cost of putting your fingerprints on the card)

Travel Fee $75.00 - This is a fee in addition to any of the above fees for the service we offer to clients. We will come to your location for up to 2 hours of fingerprinting for this travel fee( IE if you have three employees being BCI electronic fingerprinting the cost you will pay is $45.00 x3 (plus the $75.00 travel fee).

Updated BCI Fingerprint Result $12.00 -  If a fingerprint result has been obtained by our agency in the last 12 months for working with children, the elderly, or certain state licensing purposes it is possible to request an updated background check. This must be done on our premises as with any other fingerprinting services we offer unless the travel fee is paid.

* For additional pricing and information please contact us at Security Hut Inc.


Requirements for fingerprinting (any kind)

  • Valid driver's license or state ID
  • If address is not correct on your license or ID please bring in a piece of mail with your name and correct address typed on it (eg. a utility bill, bank statement, etc)
  • We do not accept personal checks!
  • Please have the information about the type of fingerprinting you need completed as well as where you need to have the results sent when you come in.

Civilian Background Check Information (Ohio only, other states/federal government have different regulations)

In compliance with BCI&I regulations for the state of Ohio, Civilian Background Checks must be submitted electronically via Webcheck®, National Webcheck® or card scan, unless on of the following occurs:

  • Fingerprint quality does not allow for electronic submission
  • Amputated or bandaged fingers
  • Applicant reside out of the state of Ohio or more then 75 miles from an electronic provider
  • Background check is for Public Housing purposes

If any of the above occurs, an exemption form must be included with the fingerprint card. BCI can deny and return these exemption requests.

A BCI Webcheck® can be conducted on anyone who requests the check. The National Webcheck® can only be conducted when state legislation has passed requiring the FBI check. If the legislation is not in place for the reason you are being printed we must print you on an ink card.


To verify BCI NO Record letters please go to Ohio Attorney General- Webcheck® Letter Verifier




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